Why is Symantec scanning my website for vulnerabilities? A little about Vulnerability Assessment


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Why is Symantec scanning my website for vulnerabilities? 


Symantec offers an opt-in service called Norton Trust Services that provides a vulnerability assessment service for websites. The websites in question that have opted in are given the option to add a Norton Secured Seal to their website showing they are a part of this service. 


Vulnerability Assessment Service uses the following IP addresses and server names:
•    VBLADEAF001  (scan1.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF002  (scan2.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF003  (scan3.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF004  (scan4.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF005  (scan5.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF006  (scan6.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF007  (scan7.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF008  (scan8.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF009  (scan9.ws.symantec.com)
•    VBLADEAF010  (scan10.ws.symantec.com)
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