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Mobile Management


Upon completing installation and configuration of Symantec Mobile Management for Configuration Manager, you attempt to enroll any device type and it does not appear in the console.

After attempting to enroll a device, you may see the following error message in the Device Explorer:

Exception-SccmRegisterClient-SCCM-ISVProxy setting missing or incorrect length.


If you examine the AthenaISVProxy.log from the installation, you may see the following error:

ISV Proxy Registration Failed - InvokeMessage::Invoke http://<IPAddress> 0x80004005 Unspecified error (Build 151.0).



ISVProxy certificate registration may have failed because the Configuration Manager 2012 environment is configured for "native mode" or full HTTPS communication.  This configuration sets the Configuration Manager specific virtual directories to require SSL communication.  During setup of SMM, the ISVProxy certificate registration process will attempt to make a web call to localhost over HTTP port 80 and will fail.



As a workaround, set the Configuration Manager environment to "mixed mode" communication.  This will allow communication to port 80.

  1. Open the Configuration Manager 2012 console.
  2. Go to "Administration" --> "Site Configuration" --> "Sites"
  3. Right-click on your Primary site, then select properties.
  4. On the "Client Computer Communication" tab, make sure to select "HTTPS or HTTP".

  1. Click "OK" when done.
  2. In the console, go to "Distribution Points".
  3. Right-click on your distribution point server, then select properties.
  4. On the General tab, make sure sure to select "HTTP".

  1. Click "OK" when done.
  2. Wait for the configuration changes to occur.
  3. Select "Security" --> "Certificates"
  4. At the top of the CM console, click "Register or Renew ISV Proxy".
  5. Select "Register certificate for a new ISV proxy".
  6. Browse and select the "Symantec-smm-sccm.cer" certificate in C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Mobile Management\CM.
  7. Click "OK" when completed.

If you require full SSL communication in your Configuration Manager environment, please contact Symantec Technical Support or Symantec Consulting to assist you.



Applies To

Microsoft Configuration Manager 2012

Symantec Mobile Management for Configuration Manager 7.5