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APM 10.0-10.3 HotFix Knowledge Docs.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


   Over time, various knowledge documents have been created and updated about APM Hotfixes by release. However, they have never been found in one place until this "umbrella" knowledge doc was created.

  What knowledge docs for APM 10.0 - 10.3 cover Hotfixes?


APM 10.0 - 10.3


The Knowledge Docs include the following: There may be duplicates since hotfixes may apply to multiple releases.



ReleaseHotfixIssueTEC #Link
APM 10.0    
 UnknownEM getting message and then shutting down. Message is "Unable to complete model synchronization with storage!."TEC1132427.
 HF 5JBOSS server reports non-standard HTTP error code (667) and the application stops working when running with APM Browser Agent 10.0.0 (BRTM, CA APM BROWSER RESPONSE TIME MONITOR) installed and the Snippet Insertion enabled.TEC1870315
APM 10.1    
 HF 3MTP 10.3 CompatibilityTEC1643212
  MTP 10.4 CompatibilityTEC1185456
  MTP 10.5 CompatibilityTEC1546373
 HF 4Seeing caught exception while passivating in EM logTEC1132427
 HF 13Disable/enable Browser Agent cookie insertion in Agent Profile. TEC1281806
 HF 25 EM is very slow to come up or hangs after a restart or network glitch. Many components do not work correctly. TEC1423119 
 APM 10.2    
 AnyVarious Issues Occur After Installing an APM EM Hotfix.TEC1836761
  HF 4 MTP 10.3 Compatibility TEC1643212
   HF 4 MTP 10.4 Compatibility TEC1185456
   HF 4 MTP 10.5 Compatibility TEC1546373
  HF 15 After upgrade to APM 10.2, Introscope WebServices API operation MetricsDataService/getMetricData does not return any metrics for some zero value data. TEC1132956
 APM 10.3 None at this time