After Creating an IM Ticket From an EM Ticket That Has an Attachment, the Attachment is not Transferred to the IM ticket.


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When an IM ticket is created via an EM ticket that contains an attachment, the attachment does not exist on the IM ticket. When the workers of the IM ticket click on the EM ticket through attached processes, they can see that an attachment exists but they do not have permissions to view this attachment.

 No errors are thrown, but the attachment does not get associated with the new IM ticket.


 The solution to this problem is to modify the SD.Email.InboundManagement Workflow to attach the document(s) to the incident at the time they're created. To do that, use the following steps:

  1. Open the SD.Email.InboundManagement Workflow in Workflow Designer/Manager.
  2. In the Primary Model, move the End flow line eminating from the Email Received, Decisions Required component. This line should connect to the Get Document Category By Name component.
  3. Edit the Get Document Category By Name component. The Category Name parameter should use the NewIncidentProcessID variable.
  4. Save and Publish the SD.Email.InboundManagement Workflow.
  5. Restart Server Extensions and IIS.