Searching for Internal Users on Symantec Encryption Management Server may not yield search results


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Encryption Management Server Gateway Email Encryption


It may be possible to attempt searching for a user and not find the user on Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS - formerly known as PGP Universal Server).  For example, using specific search criteria related to the user may not actually find the user.



The reason for this is the search logic used on the backend requires information related to the consumer name or primary email address of the Internal User to be used.  If search criteria is used that does not correlate to the above, the user may not be displayed in the search results.



If SEMS has the Directory Synchronization feature enabled, it will pull certain user attributes and correlate them to the user account on SEMS as an Internal User.  When a user is created, the displayName attribute from Active Directory is actually used, which will typically correlate to the consumer name on SEMS.  When searching for the user, it may be necessary to search based on this attribute value, or primary email address of the user in order to find them.


For example, the displayName name for a user may be "Bob Smith - [North Office, Los Angeles]".  In order to find Bob Smith, use the entire string for displayName as stated, or part of the displayName to find the user.  Alternatively, enter the primary email address of the user to find them. 


If using other attributes, such as SN (surname), although these attributes may correlate to the username, it may not correlate to the consumer name value, and not return the user.

This behavior is working as designed.