Body of original message is seen as an attachment, while only the annotations added by Messaging Gateway (SMG) appear in the body


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Messaging Gateway


When Symantec Messaging Gateway adds an HTML annotation to some messages, the message appears in the end user's mail client with just the annotation within the message body and the original email message is an attachment.


In some cases, the annotation cannot be seamlessly merged with the original email message's MIME structure. In this case, to preserve the original message, SMG creates a new message with the original as an attachment and the annotation as the message body. This is to ensure that merging the annotation with the original message does not cause a loss of information or otherwise render the original message unreadable.



This is an expected and correct behavior for email messages that cannot be successfully restructured to accommodate the HTML annotation and the message body.


This behavior can be observed when HTML text is used for the annotation. Use of plain text annotations instead, have been observed to resolve the conflict and render the message and annotations within the message body.

To remove HTML annotations, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Messaging Gateway Control Center
  2. Navigate to the Content tab
  3. Click on Annotations
  4. Click on the name of the annotation 
  5. Select and delete the text from the bottom text box labeled HTML (optional): 
  6. Click Save