Error: "Submission error: The submission did not contain a valid RFC5322 message"


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Messaging Gateway


Some messages which can be accepted and filtered by Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) receive the following error when submitted for customer-specific spam rule creation. This occurs either from the Spam Quarantine or the Content Filtering Quarantine folders.

Submission error: The submission did not contain a valid RFC5322 message.


While SMG processes and delivers messages that are slightly malformedsuch as message body lines that exceed 998 characters—the submissions interface for customer-specific spam rules is very strict with respect to message format and RFC compliance.

The submissions system will not accept messages for customer-specific spam rule creation which do not conform to the RFC5322 message format specification. Those messages will still be submitted for global rules.


Due to the requirements of the spam submissions system, there are no plans to remove the requirement that messages submitted for customer-specific rules conform to RFC standards.