Searching the Messaging Gateway queue with a custom route wildcard search produces unexpected results


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Messaging Gateway


Querying the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) queue via the Control Center or command line interface (CLI) can produce unexpected results when queries are performed with wildcards.


Status > Message Queues > Custom route results are not always as admin would expect. Following is a list of unexpected results which have been observed:

  1. "control-center" does not list messages on the Control-Center route. Also, "dds:<source_name>" does not list any messages on the DDS route. Also, "domain:<domain_name>" does not list any messages on the domain route. But both "DLP" and "dlp" list messages on DLP route. So it looks like some search terms need to be in the correct case, others are case insensitive.

    Workaround: For Control-Center route, search using "Control-Center" or use the Control-Center drop down. For DDS route, search using "DDS:<source_name>". For domain route, search using "Domain:<domain_name>"
  2. Entering "local*" to search for messages on both "Default-Local-Route" and "Default-Non-Local-Route" lists messages on both routes, but also lists messages on DDS routes, even though the DDS route name, example:, does not have the work local in the name.

    Workaround: Search using "default*" lists only messages on local and non-local routes.
  3. Entering "dds*" or "DDS*" to list all messages on different DDS routes lists 0 messages.

    Workaround: No workaround to list all messages on all DDS* routes. Indvidual DDS routes can be searched using "DDS:<source_name>" and results will need to be collated.
  4. Searching all IP:port routes using "[*.*.*.*]:*" or all IP:port and domain:port routes using "*:*" also lists messages on the Control-Center route.

    Workaround: No workaround to remove the Control-Center results from the list.
  5. Search all messages on all Domain routes using "domain:*" or "Domain*" does not list any messages.

    Workaround: Search using "*.com" will list all messages on Domain:<domain_name>, but will also list all messages on domain:port routes.

Note: Route name is "Domain:<domain_name>" (without port) when message is sent to domain with destination routing. Route name is "domain:port" (without "Domain") when message is routed via a policy.

Note: Other search parameters can probably be used to narrow down search results
and get the expected (or closer to expected) results.

Note: No errors in BCC or MTA logs on running the searches.