Misleading authentication failure error with Symantec App Center external IDP


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When a user tries to authenticate to the Symantec App Center Admin Console, they receive the following error in the UI:

Please enter a correct username and password. Note that both fields are case-sensitive.

This occurs even when the account name and password have been confirmed to be correct. 

Server log, /var/log/nukona/appstore.log:


timestamp=2013-04-15 06:14:51.615,logname=aclog,level=DEBUG,module=ac_ldap,function=_get_or_create_user,line=102,tenant=ac1,
username=,sessionid=3b4c4467e4b825eef29063a0be8119b7,url=/admin/login,msgid=,msg=getting or creating user

timestamp=2013-04-15 06:14:51.619,logname=aclog,level=DEBUG,module=ac_ldap,function=_is_already_imported,line=91,tenant=ac1,
username=,sessionid=3b4c4467e4b825eef29063a0be8119b7,url=/admin/login,msgid=,msg=user user2 hasn't been imported

timestamp=2013-04-15 06:14:51.619,logname=aclog,level=DEBUG,module=ac_ldap,function=_get_or_create_user,line=107,tenant=ac1,
username=,sessionid=3b4c4467e4b825eef29063a0be8119b7,url=/admin/login,msgid=,msg=self._user None

timestamp=2013-04-15 06:14:51.623,logname=aclog,level=DEBUG,module=ac_ldap,function=authenticate,line=237,tenant=ac1,
username=,sessionid=3b4c4467e4b825eef29063a0be8119b7,url=/admin/login,msgid=,msg=Authentication failed for user2




This behavior occurs if there is a pre-existing local account in App Center with the same e-mail address attribute value as the account in Active Directory. There cannot be duplicate user name or e-mail address values for users in App Center.



  1. Delete the local account in App Center  
  2. Modify the e-mail address attribute value in either Active Directory or App Center for the account so they are not identical



For more information, see About configuring the authentication identity provider (IDP) and adding users to Symantec App Center.

Applies To

  • Symantec App Center 4.1.x