How to use LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.x with Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 11.x


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


The environment where the CCS servers are running does not have Internet access.  It is desired to receive updates from an internal LiveUpdate server.


Steps to follow :

 Not specific to CCS :

  • Installation of LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) 2.x ->TECH102701
  • Configuration and best practices -> TECH93409

Specific to CCS:

  • Adding CCS Products to LUA:
    • Go to Configure -> "Update Symantec Product Catalog"
    • In "My Symantec Products" add "Control Compliance Suite 11.0" (Choose English only except if you require Chinese/Korean)
    • The result should show like this:


  •  Adding product to Distribution Center
    •  Click on "Distribution Centers" -> Edit your Production Distribution Center.
    • Click on "Add" beside the Product List
    • Choose "Control Compliance Suite 11.0 English"
    • The Distribution Center should show the product listed:

  • After this click on "Download and Distribute"
    • Click on "Add Distribution"
      • Enter a name and choose the "Control Compliance Suite 11.0 English"
      • Make sure it is assigned to the Production Distribution center you defined above.

  • Save changes
    • Click on "Add Download"
      • Enter a name and Add the "Control Compliance Suite 11.0 English"
      • Set a Schedule (It is recommended to select weekly on a Saturday or Sunday)
      • Select the "Run Distribution schedule" and choose the Previous distribution you created above.

  • After that execute manually the download job


Next, create a configuration file to be distribution on the CCS Application server.

  • Go to Configure then "Client Settings"
  • Select your production distribution center and click on "Export Windows Settings"
  • Save the Settings.Hosts.LiveUpdate file to a shared location

On your CCS Application Manager, copy the Settings.Hosts.LiveUpdate file in the following location:

  • Windows 2008 / 2008 R2 = C:\Users\All Users\Symantec\LiveUpdate
  • Windows 2003 = C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\LiveUpdate

Content of the file should look like this :

HOSTS\0\NAME=Default Production Distribution Center



Once the file is copied on the CCS Manager (Application server only.), execute a Run command "luall" (make sure you "run as Administrator" or else you might encounter permission issues.)

This will open a windows like this :





Open you CCS Console and click on Manage -> LiveUpdate:

Click on "Common Tasks" then "Check for Updates". Then you should get a list like below:


The list above indicates 3 types of updates :

  • SCU = Security Update Content
  • PU = Product Update
  • PACU = Patch Assessment Content Update

For each update, it shows what version the CCS Manager is currently running. The icon shows it is no up to date. You can also read the release note before deploying.

Click on  "Common Tasks" then "Deploy Updates" and follow the wizard:

In this step is is recommended to only deploy one type of update at time.

Deploy in this order (one at time):

  1. Product Update (PU)
  2. Security Content Updates (SCU)
  3. Patch Assessment Content Update (PACU)

If you want you can first schedule a "Push" only to copied the content on the remote CCS Manager. And you can run the Install at later stage. (It is recommend to do this for remote location where network bandwidth is low.)

Depending of the type of service account you use, you might need to select another User with high privileges. (if for example if your service account user has no right to install software.)

See the warning in screen below, be careful to choose "Run now" if you have job running.

Once you click Finish, a job will start.

 If you go back to the LiveUpdate Page:


Once you finish your deployment, all the CCS Manager should be up to date.

Applies To

Control Compliance Suite 11.x

LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x