How To Change the Default Size of a Form After Publishing a Forms Workflow


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When publishing a Forms Workflow, there is nowhere to set the size of the Window that opens unless "Is Web Part" is selected in the Service Catalog Settings.



This is currently a product limitation. It has been reported to Development and this functionality may exist in a future version of Workflow.


There are two possible solutions to this. If you are willing to make the Service Catalog Item accessible to the Web Part Service Catalog (recommended), use option 1. Otherwise option 2 will work.

  1. Navigate to the Service Catalog item/form you are wanting to change. Do this by going to Admin -> Service Catalog Settings. At this point browse to the form you would like to change, and Edit the form using the Orange arrow associated with that catalog item. Navigate to the WebPart Information tab, select Is Web Part, then modify the Height and Width to the desired settings. Click Save.

  2. Option 2 requires a modification to the ProcessManager database. Before making modifications to the database, create a backup.
    Run the following SQL query after modifying the Height, Width, and Name portions of the query to the desired settings.
    Note: Name is the name of the Service Catalog Item. For example: Submit Incident (Advanced)

    UPDATE DirectoryCategoryEntries
    SET Height = 650,
    Width = 850
    WHERE Name = 'Service_Catalog_Name'


 After making changes, restart the Symantec Workflow Server Service as well as IIS to enforce the changes become active.