Control Compliance Suite Verndor Risk Mangement, CCS-VRM Extension Installation Error Codes.


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Control Compliance Suite Vendor Risk Manager


The VRM Extension Installer gives an error code and message when trying to install the VRM Integration for CCS Feature.


If there is an issue with importing the VRM content for CCS, the Import Utility will give 1 of several error messages.

Error Code
1 System Import Failed This is most likely a permissions issue.  More details as to the cause of this error can be found in the log file.  See details below on where to locate the log file
5 Content Import Failed  
7 Asset Import Failed  
9 Panel Import Failed The most common cause of this error is that a Panel already exists
11 Invalid Parameter

This is caused by the wrong port being entered

13 Custom Asset Already Exists The Installation tries to create a custom CCS Asset of type "Vendor".  This error indicates that CCS already has this custom type either from a previous installation or another application creating this type.

Viewing the Import log file.

1.) Navigate to \Vendor Risk Manager\CCS Content\ImportContent\ImportUtility11\ccs_import.log


Manually Running The CCS Content Import Utility.

If it is necessary to run the Import Utility manually after installation, the following steps can be used to run the Import Utility.

1.) Navigate to the VRM Install Folder.  Vendor Risk Manager\CCS Content\ImportContent\ImportUtility11