Control Compliance Suite Vendor Risk Management Console and CCS-VRM Gateway Synchronization Troubleshooting.


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Control Compliance Suite Vendor Risk Manager


When trying to save settings in Settings>User Directories>External ,VRM Console displays a pop up: "Server Error: The connection is already closed".

The VRM Console log file (<VRM Install folder>\VRM Console\logs\vrm.log) contains the following error:

Error log
2013-02-19 18:06:20,219 ERROR VRM.Gateway.GatewayMessagingService.Send() - Unable to send message to: VRM.CONSOLE.SYNC.OUT
Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.ConnectionClosedException: The connection is already closed!
    at Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.Connection.CheckConnected()
    at Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.Connection.CreateAtiveMQSession(AcknowledgementMode ackMode)
    at Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.Connection.CreateSession(AcknowledgementMode sessionAcknowledgementMode)
    at Spring.Messaging.Nms.Connections.CachingConnectionFactory.GetSession(IConnection con, AcknowledgementMode mode)
    at Spring.Messaging.Nms.Connections.CloseSupressingConnection.CreateSession(AcknowledgementMode acknowledgementMode)
    at Spring.Messaging.Nms.Support.NmsAccessor.CreateSession(IConnection con)
    at Spring.Messaging.Nms.Core.NmsTemplate.Execute(ISessionCallback action, Boolean startConnection)
    at Spring.Messaging.Nms.Core.NmsTemplate.SendWithDelegate(String destinationName, MessageCreatorDelegate messageCreatorDelegate)
    at VRM.Gateway.GatewayMessagingService.Send(GatewayMessage gatewayMessage)


No communication exists between VRM Console and VRM Gateway.


  1. Verify that Console and Gateway hosts can communicate and there are no network or firewall issues.
  2. Confirm, that settings for VRM Gateway in VRM Console>Settings>User Directories>External are correct and reflect actual gateway configuration.
    1. Console - Confirm VRM Gateway IP and Port.  The default port is tcp/61616 or ssl/8443.
    2. Gateway - Confirm VRM Gateway is configured and listening on the expected interface and port
      1. Verify configuration of VRM Gateway properties in
        activemq.transportURL=tcp: //
  3. perform 'netstat -anb' to confirm VRM Gateway is listening on the expected port