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Microsoft Update: MSWU-726-windows6.1-kb2775511-v2-x64.msu forces clients to reboot.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Microsoft Update: MSWU-726-windows6.1-kb2775511-v2-x64.msu is deployed via Patch Management, without any reboot settings enabled, yet the install completes and a popup is produced which forces clients to reboot.

The Default Software Update Plug-in Policy is configured to 'Never' reboot, nor are there any notifications enabled on the policy.



The popup is produced on the Operating System level following the install.

To further clarify: This is an Enterprise Hot Fix that deploys a myriad of hot fixes. One of these fixes updates the TCPIP.sys file, which will force a reboot from the Operating System following install.

This is not caused by Patch Management Solution, for the update will throw the same popup if installed outside the product with the same run command switches for quiet & no restart.


This issue is caused by the Operating System behavior and will need to be reviewed with the vendor of the update if further troubleshooting is needed. 

Further information regarding this service, and how it affects the Software Update Cycle for Patch Management can be found on KM: TECH41678.

If the count down popup window is needed to be disabled; review the following possible methods:

  1. Run the following CMD on the Client: net stop "windows update"
  2. Stop the 'wauserv' Service on the Client's Task Manager > Services tab:

Advisory: This may be scripted and deployed via a Task Job. Go to the Console > Manage Jobs and Tasks; highlight System Jobs and Tasks folder in the left pane tree, and right-click > New > Task, scroll to the bottom of the new window 'Create New Task' and select 'Control Service State' and in the right pane; input the 'Service name' and modify the 'Action' and 'Startup type' settings as follows to stop this and prevent it on startup, and enter 'Log on as' as needed


Note: This job can be executed to a single client via 'Quick Run' or to a Filter / Computer List via 'New Schedule' under Task Status.

CAUTION: These methods for stopping a reboot are 'use at your own risk' for they may cause adverse effects on the client until the services are resumed. Ensure a test run of this is reviewed prior to executing in production. 


Applies To


Patch Management 7.1 SP1, SP2 & MP1.x