Using the Client Cleanup utility to correct client uninstall problems


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Uninstalling client software manually is failing.


"Uninstallation password" is missing or forgotten or the client is not functioning properly to accept the password.


The Client Cleanup Utility lets you recover from the following situations without assistance from Symantec Support :

■ Device Control cannot be uninstalled using the procedures in “About uninstalling the client software”. (Refer the section Uninstalling client software manually below)
■ Device Control cannot be uninstalled because the client uninstall program fails to remove the client software.
This utility can also be used to correct the following situations, but you must call Symantec support for assistance :

  ■ The client is not functioning properly (for example, it is in panic mode) and does not accept your client uninstall password.

  ■ You have forgotten the client uninstall password and cannot update the client’s policy with a policy that set a new uninstall password.

You must use the Client Cleanup utility from the client computer itself and cannot be executed remotely.

To use the Client Cleanup utility to correct client uninstall problems

1 Run the file named spec.exe. It is usually located in the following folder: c:\Windows\System32\.

2 On the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control Cleanup Utility, do one of the following :

     ■ If you can’t find the Device Control program in Windows Add/Remove Programs, or if a previous uninstallation attempt failed to complete, select Clean Corrupt Installation and type the Uninstall Password. You may also need to provide the path to ClientConfig.scc.

     ■ If you have forgotten the uninstallation password or can’t enter it because the client is in panic mode, select Symantec Support Assisted Cleanup. Contact Symantec support and provide them with the computer-specific cleanup token as well as the username from the problematic machine. The token is shown in the Your Cleanup Token is box. Once they have provided you with your cleanup key, type it in the Cleanup Key box.

3 Click Cleanup Now.

4 Click OK to close the confirmation window.

5 Restart the client computer.


Uninstalling client software manually :

The process of uninstalling is password protected using a global password or a policy-specific password. You set this password as one of the first post-installation tasks.

You must have the uninstallation password to remove the software.

To uninstall client software manually :

1 Log on to the client computer with a user name that has the appropriate privileges to uninstall software.
2 In Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs.
3 From the list of installed programs, select Symantec Device Control Client and click Change.
4 Click Next.
5 On the Uninstall Password page, type the password that was defined to remove the software and click Next.
6 On the Remove the Program page, do one of the following:
   ■ To review or change any settings before continuing, click Back
   ■ To exit the uninstall wizard, click Cancel.
   ■ To remove the Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control client, click Remove
7 Depending on your operating system, a message appears to notify you that a restart is required. Click OK.
8 In the InstallShield Wizard Completed page, click Finish.
9 To complete the uninstallation, the client computer must restart. Do one of the following:
   ■ Click Yes to restart now.
   ■ Click No to restart later.