How to configure Control Compliance Suite, CCS, use with for MS Exchange in Exchange 2007 / 2010.


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange


How to configure bv-control for MS Exchange in Exchange 2007 / 2010 environment



  •  Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007.
  • Configure Microsoft Outlook profile with service account used for configuring Bv-Control for Exchange on CCS RMS Server.
  • Bv-Control for Exchange service account should have below privileges on exchange environment:

Exchange 2003 : Domain Admin.
Exchange 2007 : Exchange organization Administrator
Exchange 2010 : Organization Administrator.

 Configuration Steps:

  1. Click on bv-control for Exchange and select Configuration.
  2. Specify credential in credential database for bv-control for MS Exchange.
  3. On Exchange Software Support Checks screen click on Perform Checks. Verification should complete successfully. Verify Exchange 2000/2003 move mailbox (CDO) support on local machine is not support for 2007 and 2010 and click Next
  4. On connecting Exchange server and Active Directory screen : Specify Global Catalog server for exchange domain and click on validate, validation should be successful (this validation will verify exchange version installed in enviourment and exchange organization name).
  5. Click Next
  6. On Default Exchange Server screen:
  • Specify default server : Mailbox server name where bv-c exchange service account mailbox located.
  • Mailbox : bv-c exchange service account mailbox name.


  1. Outlook 2010 is partially supported for Bv-Control for exchange.
  2. If CCS RMS is installed on windows 2008 then it is recommended  to disable UAC (User Access Control)
  3. Exchange 2010 enviourment with CAS Array is supported with CCS RMS 10.5.1 PCU 2012-2 and above version
  4. Specify the CAS or CAS array name in default server box if exchange 2010 is installed in enviourment.
  5. In Exchange 2007 / 2010 mixed mode setup, bv-Control for Exchange service account mailbox should be on exchange 2010 mailbox server.

Applies To

CCS RMS 10.5.1 and above

MS Exchange 2007

MS Exchange 2010