USB keyboard and mouse not working in Advanced Windows Boot Menu on multiple hardware machines with Symantec Endpoint Encryption Full Disk 8.2.1 MP4


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Endpoint Encryption


Steps to recreate the issue:

1. Create non-hardware customized SEE Full Disk 8.2.1 MP4 client package with the following setting enabled "enable safe mode boot for registered users".
2. Install the Framework and Full Disk client package, restart the machine.
3. Login to Windows session, encrypt the computer to 100%, restart.
4. Press F8, Windows Advanced Boot Menu is displayed.
5. Unable to use USB keyboard and mouse to toggle and select between available advanced boot options displayed.


SEE Full Disk does not support F8 functionality for Safe Mode.


During SEE Full Disk client MSI creation Select the Enable Safe Mode Boot for registered users check box to allow registered users to start their desktop computers in Safe Mode. Upon booting the machine check the Safe Mode Reboot check box at the Pre-Boot Authentication screen, enter your user name and password, hit Ok and you will now enter Safe Mode.

Applies To

Currently the following machines have been reported as exhibiting the issue: HP DC770, DC7800, DC7900, HP 8000, 8200, 8300, HP Z200, HP Z210, HP Z400, HP Z420, and HP Z600.