In Symantec Messaging Gateway the Content Incident notification is not formatted correctly as per configured variable


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In Symantec Messaging Gateway Control Center - Content - Content Incident Folders - Informational/Quarantine Incidents - Notification Settings - Notification template - Edit - the default notification template has been customized to match the companies needs. However the notification sent out does not match the result as configured in the template. In this specific situation the template was configured in the following way: 

However the above template will send a notificaton to the user which includes only a list of compliance messages and not a detailed list as per above configured variable.



The template has been configured incorrectly. Only one of the variables can be used. This is working as designed.


The %NEW_COMPLIANCE_MESSAGES_DETAILED% variable contains all the information that %NEW_COMPLIANCE_MESSAGES% contains. It is therefore no reason and technically not possible to use the same variable in the same template. Correct the template to contain only the %NEW_COMPLIANCE_MESSAGES_DETAILED%

The notification will then be sent out correctly to the users containing the text and the details of all the compliance messages.

Applies To

Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.x
Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.x