Expected behaviors of Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) before and after the SWG license expires.


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You would like to know what to expect before and after SWG license expires.



License Types and associated features

The following types of licenses are available for Symantec Web Gateway:


Symantec Web Gateway license file

The Symantec Web Gateway license enables Symantec Web Gateway to detect spyware, viruses, botnet infections, enforce application control, and enable Insight reputation-based security.

The Application Control feature is included in the Symantec Web Gateway license.


URL filtering license file

In addition to the features in the Symantec Web Gateway license, the URL filtering license lets you monitor or block access to Web pages based on categorization.

With URL filtering license, you can enable URL filtering, Detect Embedded URLs, Bypass Whitelist for Content Filter, Record browse time features.


Grace Period

Symantec provides a two week grace period (14 days) with Symantec Web Gateway functionality if you run the setup wizard without a license.

If the license is expired and you do not install a new license, there is a two week grace period.

During this time the product runs as if the Symantec Web Gateway license were installed.

Email Alerts

Symantec Web Gateway will start sending email alerts to the email address specified in the User Information once a week during last 3 weeks before the expiry date.

After the license is expired, SWG will continue to send alerts on a daily basis until the grace period ends but will continue to receive Web Gateway Database Updates and software updates.


SWG goes into the Bypass mode after 14 days of grace period and stop downloading updates

When the grace period of SWG base license ends, SWG service will be disabled and go into the bypass mode. SWG will also stop downloading Web Gateway Database Updates and software updates.

When the grace period of SWG Content Filter license ends, SWG will no longer apply any functions covered by Content Filter license. SWG will also stop downloading Content Filter updates.


System Status Report will show following event:

System Event: HW Bypass Activated - Web Gateway License Expired in SWG_HOSTNAME.