Unable to use Remote Control on Windows 7 or Vista systems


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Deployment Solution


Unable to use the Remote Control feature in Deployment Solution, for controlling Windows 7 or Vista systems.

NOTE: Some Remote Control functionality may exist if the Windows UAC and firewall are disabled and a current user is logged in on the target Windows Vista or Windows 7 workstation. To avoid Remote Control sessions that display only a white screen, be sure that the Deployment Server console resolution can handle the resolution of the target workstation.


Because of the increased security requirements of Windows 7 and Vista, DS Remote Control may not function in all cases.


For Windows 7 and Vista systems, it will be necessary to use Windows Remote Desktop instead of the legacy Remote Control feature of Deployment Solution. This will require that workstations have Remote Desktop enabled in order for this to function. Continued support is offered by using PCAnywhere which is not included with the 6.9 product and is the primary remote control tool used by Deployment Solution 7.1. This is the only supported work around.


Note: When choosing "Remote Control" from the Deployment Solution 6.9 Win32 console, the option for "Remote Desktop" is available.

Applies To

Deployment Solution 6.9.164 - 6.9.575