How to monitor started tasks with the same name like AAAAAAAA.BBB and AAAAAAAA.CCC?


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How to monitor started tasks with the same name left of the dot '.' in names like AAAAAAAA.BBB and AAAAAAAA.CCC?


SOLVE:Operations Automation


When you want to monitor a Started task you go to panel "ResourceView : Resource Definition" (by entering /RADMIN.R or =A.R.R) and select from the list of Resource Classes the Class 'STC' you are only able to add a "Started Task Name" of up to eight characters in length.

If you want to monitor resources with names like AAAAAAAA.BBB or AAAAAAAA.CCC then you need to select Class 'USRCLS' instead of 'STC'. Here you can enter longer names for your Started tasks into field "User Class Resource Name".