Outdated files present in current Software Update Package.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Recreated packages for a Bulletin within the Patch Remediation Center (PRC); however, the current Software Update packages display old file versions.

Example: Update 'install_flash_player_10_plugin' version downloaded for APSB13-05 on the PRC. However, a later Bulletin: APSB13-09 'install_flash_player_10_plugin' but for version Both updates have the same version, identical Name and file Size. When the APSB13-09 was downloaded in the PRC; the check was made for the name and file size and both were present from APSB13-05, so no new downloads were provided.

Similar issue detailed on KM: TECH183668


Vendor will name the newer version of the Software Update with the same name. Patch Management process checks the name and size of the Software Update packages, and if they are the same as the newest available version; passes over them and does not re-download.


This issue will be resolved in the next version release of the Patch Management Solution.

To work around this issue; work through the following steps:

  1. Disable the Bulletin for the affected Software Updates
    1. Go to the Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center
      1. Highlight the affected Bulletin
      2. Right-click / Disable
  2. Delete all copies of affected file from staging location
    1. Staging location detailed on Console > Settings > All Settings > Software > Patch Management > Core Services; path targeted by 'To Location:' setting.
  3. Recreate Packages that contained deleted files
    1. Go to the Console > Actions > Software > Patch Remediation Center
      1. Highlight the affected Bulletin
      2. Right-click / Download Packages
  4. Verify that the latest file is downloaded from internet
    1. Confirm in the folder designated as staging location detailed in process #2

Applies To

Patch Management 7.1 SP1, SP2 & MP1