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Incorrect PXE Server IP Addresses displayed in the Console


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Deployment Solution


In the Management Console, under the "Settings>>Deployment>>PXE Server Configurations" page, one or more addresses listed connected to PXE Servers are listed incorrectly. This information is pulled from a table in the database which is used for several other PXE Server functions and, if incorrect, can cause additional issues with PXE functionality.

Potential Issues:

  • "_Symantec_netBoot_Interface" service crashes immediately upon starting
  • PXE-E51: No DHCP or proxyDHCP offers were received.
  • PXE-E74: Bad or missing PXE menu and/or prompt information


After the IP Addresses are initially reported by the servers and populated into this table, they are assumed to not changed on those servers. Thus, the IP Addresses are not updated in the table even when those servers check in with a different IP Address.


Manual Option:

  • In the database, remove the incorrect record(s) of the server(s) in the sbs_ServerList table.
  • On the PXE Server
  • -Stop the SBS (PXE) Services (Interface, Server, NSiSignal, Mtftp)
  • -Set the Registry Key at "HKLM>SOFTWARE>Altiris>Deployment>Symantec Boot Services>HasSbsRegistered" to "0"
  • -Start the SBS Services
  • -(If the Interface service will not start, refer to TECH127349)

Stored Procedure Option:

  •   There are two attached SQL files, "Change Site Server IP.sql" and "spSBSChangeIP.sql" which can be used to modify the tables in the database
  •   Download and run "spSBSChangeIP.sql" to create a stored procedure that will change the IP Address in the table of the server specified
  • Download and open the query in "Change Site Server IP.sql" and replace the <Enter Name of Site Server> and <New IP Address> sections with the correct information.
  • Run the modified query to change the information for the specified server.

Applies To

Symantec Management Platform 7.x

Deployment Solution 7.x


spSBSChangeIP.sql get_app
Change Site Server IP.sql get_app