Ds 7.1 - need to add ADO and/or HTA support to Automation environments.


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We have a need to add additional components to our WinPE environments to handle some custom scripts we have.  Is this possible?  if so, how?


To reduce the size of the automation packages, Symantec has removed as much as possible from Windows PE, including several "optional" components like HTA and ADO support, which causes scripts and/or tasks that rely on this to fail.


There is no supported method to do this within the Console, or to use these add-in modules within any process the console does support like PXE booting, automation folders, etc.

These features can only be added by running BootWiz manually from the deployment share (e.g. \\server\deployment\task handler\bootwiz).  When stepping through the wizard, there is a page where you can add in additional components.  This process can be used to build an executable for an automation folder, a WIM for PXE or a thumb drive, or whatever.  However, nothing you build here will be integrated into ANY of the console processes.  They can be used manually (e.g. from a thumb drive, network share, or CD/DVD) but not in PXE, or with our automation folder policies.


An Unsupported Work-around

A potential workaround for this if you need to have these extra features would involve manually replacing files that we build, with ones you build.  This is commonly used by those who want to use WinPE 3 or 4 with our products, also not supported.

For instance, if you have a PXE image called MyPXE, there would be a folder under the SBS\Images called MyPXE.  In that folder is a 140M MyPXE.WIM file.  If you built your own WIM with the add-in products via BootWiz, you could take that file, rename it to MyPXE.WIM, remove the WIM file in the Images folder, place yours in, instead, and it "should" work (Note: this change would have to be made manually on all PXE servers).  For the automation folders packages, the same thing applies.  You'd find the automation EXE you created under NSCap\Bin\Win32\x86\Deployment... and replace it with yours of the same name, then update distribution points.

Again, this is unsupported, but it should work.

NOTE:  If you make changes manually to these files, and then rebuild via the console, your changes have just been over-written.

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Deployment Solution 7.1