Asset Management contract reports take a long time to open or time out


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When using Asset Management contract reports, such as found in Home > Service and Asset Management > Contracts (which displays the All Contract report), or Count of Contracts by Type or All Software Purchases, for example, the report just shows "Please Wait" or "Loading" or times out, and while processing, slows down other Asset Management functionality or even the entire Symantec Management Console.


Product defect.

This issue is caused by large numbers of organizational views and groups (which can be verified by inspecting Manage > Organizational Views and Groups) that then greatly impact and slow down the processing of contract data. For example, if there are hundreds of locations, which have sub-locations, this can negatively impact contract performance.


This issue is resolved in Asset Management Solution 7.5. Upgrade to this version to fully resolve this.

For Asset Management 7.1, the workaround is to modify the following two aspects of Asset Management to greatly reduce the time it takes to open contract reports.

A way to test if this is the issue, before the following instructions are ran, is to run the attached custom report "All Contracts with performance improvements.xml" on the Symantec Management Platform server. This is accomplished by saving this file to the server and going to Reports, then right click on a folder to import it to and choosing Import. This wil not overwrite the out of box report. If this report works successfully, but the original does not, than the issue has been confirmed to be what this article describes. The user can choose then to just use this report, or, to follow the workaround, described below, which requires unnecessary organizational views and groups to be deleted.

Also attached to this article is a second version of the custom report, "All Contracts with performance improvements (overwrite).xml". This can instead be imported and this will overwrite the original out of box report. This can then be used anywhere the report shows up at, such as in Home > Service and Asset Management > Contracts. If the user wants to keep the original out of box report, this must be first exported before being overwritten by the custom report.

Note: Either custom report can be used instead of the following instructions, if the user is unable to delete unnecessary organizational views and groups, as an alternative workaround.

  1. In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, modify the SQL view "vContractResource" to be more efficient. Run the following SQL script against the Symantec_CMDB database to do this:

    First run:

    USE Symantec_CMDB -- Change this to the name of the Symantec Management Platform database if it is not the default name.

    Then run:

    ALTER VIEW dbo.vContractResource AS
    SELECT vc.[Guid], vc.[ResourceTypeGuid]   
    FROM vRM_Contract vc
  2. Update Organizational Views and Groups by using the instructions from the following internal article, which Symantec Technical Support can provide:

    Large number of Organizational Views and Groups cause general performance issues in the Symantec Management Platform Console

Applies To

Asset Management Solution 7.1x.


All Contracts with performance improvements.xml get_app
All Contracts with performance improvements (overwrite).xml get_app