KNOWN ISSUE: Inventory tasks still showing unistalled software in Console.


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Software inventory policies (delta or full) are running on target computers and gathering information about software installed on that clients
You may observe that the SoftwareCache.xml file contains specific software
However, if you uninstall that software from this computer and run inventory task again (no matter delta or full) on the computer, you may observe that the softwarecache.xml file still contains mentioned software. Which means that it won't be removed from console either.

Only if you delete the SoftwareCache.xml file and then run the gather inventory task again (delta or full), then re-created SoftwareCache.xml file now will not have the software in it and database will be populated.


Known issue with Inventory tasks are not removing software from the softwarecache.xml after software is uninstalled from computer.



Issue is known and will be fixed in Orion release (7.5).

Please also check article TECH207730 which has solution for problem with similar symptoms. Solution is added in Rollup v6 for 7.1.SP2 MP1 

Applies To

ITMS SP2 GA and up to Rollup v4