How to use the Symantec Help Tool to collect data for Support.


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Endpoint Protection


Symantec Help (SymHelp) is a utility designed to quickly and efficiently diagnose common issues encountered with supported Symantec products. SymHelp can be used
either to diagnose problems that you encounter, or proactively to ensure that your computer is ready to install the supported Symantec product.


To generate troubleshooting data for Symantec Technical Support, please follow the steps below to run the Symantec Help Tool:

. Open command prompt, go to run, type the command "cmd" and navigate where SymHelp is located (For esample: C:\Symhelp)

. Run the command from the "Symhelp" Directory with the following command "symhelp.exe -wizprod" to capture debugging level.

(For Example: C:\Symhelp>symhelp.exe -wizprod)

Available command-line parameters:
-h (Display this help page)
-noup (Do not check for an updated version of Symantec Help)
-disable (Disable debug mode for installed products. Use -enable to enable debug mode.)
-enable (Enable debug mode for installed products.  Use -disable to disable debug mode.)
-lang language-id (Set the display language using the two-letter ISO 639-1 language ID)
-s (Run Symantec Help in silent mode.)
-healthchk (Scan for the health of all installed products.)
-prechk    (Scan for pre-install requirements of all supported but not installed products.)
-bestchk (Scan for best practices in all installed products.)
-forsupport (Collect full data for support.)
-lpa (Run Load Point Analysis.  You must also use -s (silent mode))
-spe (Run Symantec Power Eraser.  You must also use -s (silent mode))
-open (filename    Open an existing report.)
-dest (Destination directory.  If not specified, the default destination is c: Set the default location for saving reports.)
-ftpup (Perform the update check using only FTP.)
-httpup (Perform the update check using only HTTP.)
-wizno (Do not run in wizard mode.)
-wizprod (Run in product wizard mode.)

. Please accept the EULA by clicking the button "I accept the EULA".

. Welcome Screen appears. Click the button at the bottom right "Next"

. Select the products you want to run the SymHelp “Symantec Endpoint Protection Client". Please deselect all of the other products as listed. Please click on the Drop-Down list and select "Enabled":

. To enable WPP logging, please select “Advanced”, from the Drop-Down list and the following window will appear:

. Click the button "Next" and a Message in red will pop-up "Debugging is enabled".
. Reproduce the issue then click the button "Next"

. Click “Next” and finish SymHelp wizard and save Data for support.

Note: The report file has an expected size that ranges from 1 MB to 10 MB. If the report file is over 10 MB, please speak with your technical support agent for an alternative method of submitting the file. If "Save and send to Symantec Support" is selected, please note down the path and the File name (for example: .../incoming/symhelp/Date/FileName) and provide this information to Support.

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