The following error occurred on the page 'DeployAnyWhereDriverDB.aspx


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Deployment Solution


When you click on Setting > Deployment > Driver Management in the console, you get a Unknown or unspecified error pop up.


This is an environmental issue.  In this case, BootWiz was pausing several times for a full minute and literally taking more than the default 5 minutes to return results.  600 seconds is the default timeout for any web page in IIS to wait for results if not told otherwise.


7.1.2 MP1

7.5 SP1 HF5


The solution was to make a change to the web.config file for Deployment Solution (Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\Web) to allow more time for this process to run before IIS times it out. We did that by editing this file and add on the httpRuntime line near the bottom of the file an executiontimeout="1200", so the line should look like this:

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="10000" executionTimeout="1200"/>

This doubled the time IIS would wait, which was long enough for BootWiz. You can adjust the time if necessary depending on your environment.

This timeout has been extended to 15 min in DS 7.6 HF7. We should realistically no longer see timeouts in this version and newer.