The Version Information for CIDS update does not match what is Displayed in the GUI


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Endpoint Protection


Client IDS (CIDS) is the Intrusion Protection Component in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1. Symantec has released an update to the CIDS component. When I check under Help>Troubleshooting the version tab does not reflect the expected version.


In SEP 12.1, you may find version information for core product components under Help>Troubleshooting. The information for CIDS is shown as "IPS" in RU1 or as "Intrusion Protection Engine" in RU2. It is pulled from the driver file, which is the *sys* (IDSvix86.sys) file that is present in the IPS definitions folder.

If that file has not been updated with the new release, the version information will remain unchanged.