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KNOWN ISSUE: When an invalid user is entered into 'Who does this issue affect?' field on the 'Report Incident' form, incident is created for the submitting user.


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When an invalid user id (not a valid ServiceDesk user primary email address) is entered into 'Who does this issue affect?' field on the 'Report Incident' form, incident is created for the submitting user.

The expected result would be an error message notifying the user that the entered string is not a valid ServiceDesk user.


The user validation logic is flawed, a wrong variable is used for the validation checks.


This issue has been fixed in ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1.


As the project for 'Report Incident' form is available for user modification, this issue can be fixed by modifying the workflow project.

1. Open the 'Workflow\WorkflowProjects\SD.IncidentManagementSimple.EndUserRequest.package' in Workflow Manager

2. Navigate to 'SD.IncidentManagementSimple.EnduserRequest' project > 'Create Incident' model > 'Validate Form' embedded model

3. Edit the 'UserAffectedEmailExists?' component, change 'Variable Name' from 'UserAffectedEmail'  to 'Incident.AffectedUser'.

4. Edit the 'Search User' component, change 'Email' from 'UserAffectedEmail' to 'Incident.AffectedUser'. Remove 'UserAffectedEmail' from the list.

5. Edit the 'Does Email Match?' component, change 'Compare Variable' from 'UserAffectedEmail'  to 'Incident.AffectedUser'. Remove 'UserAffectedEmail' from the list.

6. Edit the 'ValidUserErrorVisibility = False' component (lower right corner) and uncheck the 'Value'. Copy this component.

7. Close the 'Validate Form' window and navigate to 'Create Incident' model

8. Edit the 'Create New Incident' form and double click on the 'Search for User' link to edit that. Go to 'User interaction' tab and edit the 'Forms Model' there (click '...' button).

9. Paste the component from clipboard (it will likely appear at the bottom of the window so you will have to scroll down) and move it next to 'Set UserAffectedName' component.

10. Move both incoming and outgoing paths from 'Set UserAffectedName' component to the 'ValidUserErrorVisibility = Error' component (essentially replacing the first component with the latter).

11. Delete the 'Set UserAffectedName' component that is now without any connections.

12. Save, Publish, Test.

After making these changes and publishing the modified project the behaviour will work as expected. On entering an invalid user id, you will be rerouted to the same form and the expected error message will be displayed: 'A valid ServiceDesk user must be specified.'


Applies To


ServiceDesk 7.5
ServiceDesk 7.5.1