Symantec Drive Encryption Support and Opal compliant drives


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Symantec Drive Encryption (Formerly known as PGP Whole Disk Encryption) Support and Opal compliant drives.



Trusted Computing Group, a trusted computing standards organization has established a standard for self-encrypting drives, or hardware-based hard drives called Opal. Various hardware vendors comply with this Opal Standard for specific hard drives. These Opal drives come already encrypted, but typically not already initialized for Pre Boot Authentication.


While Symantec does not currently provide official support of Opal v1 and Opal v2 with Windows 7, Symantec is committed to ensuring that Symantec Drive Encryption will “software” encrypt such self-encrypted drives prior to initialization. In other words, while these drives are self-encrypted from the vendor, they should not be “locked”, “initialized”, “enabled” etc., and no Opal pre boot authentication is currently in use.


There may be cases where the Symantec Drive Encryption will not function as expected, and in such cases  Symantec will work with customers to help determine the cause of the failure on a case-by-case basis. If the failure is due to the Symantec Drive Encryption software, Symantec is committed to make a best effort to resolve these issues in a timely manner.


There may be cases when failures are a result of circumstances out of the control of the current design of Symantec Drive Encryption, such as another vendor’s software could have initialized or attempted to manage the self-encrypted drive. If these situations occur, Symantec may not be able to resolve such issues.


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