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BUG REPORT: PGP Desktop GUI may become slow or unresponsive when using multiple mail accounts


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Desktop Email Encryption


When using too many messaging account with PGP Desktop the PGP Desktop GUI may become unresponsive.
The rendering of PGP Destkop might not work anymore and the operating system could become slow or unstable.

The issue was seen for example when having more than 50 messaging accounts configured.

No error in the log files.


There was a defect where PGP Desktop would open too many GDI objects and reach the Windows limit. This causes the PGP Desktop GUI not to draw properly anymore. This happens when using too many messaging accounts, i.e. more than 50.

A problem was seen with certain providers like or that resolve to multiple mail exchangers. Each time PGP Desktop connects to the configured mail server , i.e. smtp.domain.tld, it resolves to another IP address which causes a new messaging service to be created. A workaround is to specify *.domain.tld instead of smtp.domain.tld. 


- Upgrade to PGP Desktop 10.3.0 MP1 where the problem was resolved.

The fix works for 100 accounts configured on Windows XP and near above 200 accounts for Windows 7.
There is a warning about maximum supported 100 accounts is displayed, when configured accounts reach beyond 100 on both Win XP and 7.

The release notes write:

"Resolved an issue where users with a very large number of email accounts experienced screen drawing issues and system lockups. Now, when the number of
accounts reaches 100, warnings begin to appear that the user has exceeded the maximum number of supported accounts and to delete unused accounts."

- As a workaround use *.domain.tld instead of smtp.domain.tld when configuring the PGP messaging accounts to avoid multiple accounts being created each time the server hostname is resolved. Please also refer to TECH200766

Applies To

PGP Desktop below version 10.3.0 MP1 (build 9060) is affected when using many messaging accounts.