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Information log entry: NS database not yet ready. Wait...


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IT Management Suite


When the Altiris Client Message Dispatcher service starts it does not process any files in the EvtQueue folder. Many files come into the queue but none get processed. The only evidence that anything might be wrong are the following entries that may be seen in the NS log viewer:

Description: Found database version=7.1.8280.0
Description: NS database not yet ready. Wait...
Description: Database is not ready, event queue dispatcher sleeping while it waits.


The service is expecting a newer schema than what is currently stamped as the latest version in the DBSchema table.

Ran the following SQL against the database to see the latest version stamped in the database.
select MAX(Version) as Version from DBSchema
In this case the version returned was 7.1.8280.0 which is the schema version for SMP 7.1 SP2. Since the version installed was 7.1 SP2 MP1.1 the latest schema version stamp should have been 7.1.8400.0


Having verified via Symantec Installation Manager that SMP 7.1 SP1 MP1.1 and solutions were all installed correctly and there were no partial installations the following SQL was run against the database to insert the schema version that the dispatcher service was waiting for.

insert into DBSchema(Version, Build, [Last Updated])
Restart the Altiris Client Message Dispatcher service.

Applies To

SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1.1