Agents are unable to download packages from a package server even though SMP reports all packages are available for that site server


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Symantec Management Agents are unable to download packages from their site server.  This is a unique situation in that the site server has all packages as "available" (per the agent's user interface) and the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) server also displays that site server with all packages available (per the SMP console at Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings and highlighting the respective site server from the site management tree).  The agent attempting to dowload the package is receiving the following error message in the logs:

Error while downloading package: No package sources returned by server (-2147023728)



Even if the package server agent has downloaded all available packages into its local repository, it may not be providing download locations back to the SMP server for specific packages.  The packages most likely to exhibit this behavior are those configured to download to an alternate location on the package server, especially if IIS is not installed or has been improperly configured on the site server.

To determine if your site server (package server) is experiencing this issue, first run though the following steps on the package server:

1. Open regedit and navigate to HKLM\Software\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Transport.  Enter a path value for 'Capture Events Folder' such as C:\NSE_Capture.
2. Double-click on the Symantec Management Agent icon in the System Tray to open the user interface.  From the Package Server tab, click on the button to 'Resend Package Status'.
3. From Windows Explorer, browse to the C:\NSE_Capture directory created in step 1 above.  As the agent successfully sends information to the SMP server, the corresponding NSE file will also be captured in this directory.  Note this directory may contain multiple NSE files and so it may become necessary to open several of them in order to find the package status NSE file.
4. Open the package status NSE file to determine if download locations are provided by the package server agent.  Below is an example of a package status NSE file containing no download locations except for the last entry with a UNC share location. In this example, only the last package in the list contains will have a download location available for agents.
5. Clear the path provided in Step 1 above to stop the capture of NSE files.

  <Package guid="{F3F415EE-52A5-4BFF-702C-D483D055309B}" version="1352416423" size="8763968" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{8590EE00-00A2-4F5F-A0F3-7AF0ABE9E9B7}" version="1352415324" size="4268800" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{BE2B3EE0-1531-8E68-7741-B82CF5716212}" version="1354567452" size="1928712" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{86BEEA00-E99F-A241-220A-99D7EFD6D226}" version="1352415694" size="10042387" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{EFAEE100-9E15-9464-3225-38BB2DD9A333}" version="1354570622" size="1466408" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{5EE4B500-FFBE-7571-D091-3472B4EED5D6}" version="1352414845" size="199397" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{36EEB900-318A-9E4C-EAEA-0FFA7E34B6E1}" version="1352414616" size="663198" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{C9CEE700-2948-3411-9B6F-AF8E89A98CFE}" version="1354571402" size="11240928" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{2A54EE01-740B-A046-8C81-568F8BC68DA6}" version="1352415023" size="1749608" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{CFB71EE1-4CB7-6173-4550-D04F6337A56D}" version="1352416367" size="229328" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{CEE12D01-D39E-268F-1A45-0576CE9A7D4A}" version="1360605027" size="5736256" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{30EE6A01-94EF-E12A-564F-2E5B9A474774}" version="1354571692" size="8546194" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{E09EEC01-C34A-2191-117B-F78AFFBAA683}" version="1355531209" size="16363960" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{75E5EE01-021D-583D-6C5A-AC79C466A29E}" version="1354571917" size="13826936" IsManaged="false"/>
  <Package guid="{BC7B0EE2-E0E8-4367-A75D-FF34CA977979}" version="1352416767" size="1809920" IsManaged="false">
      <Codebase href="file://ServerName/PkgSvrHostC$/{BC7BEE02-E0E8-4367-A75D-FF34CA977979}/cache" snapshot="file://ServerName/PkgSvrHostC$/{BC7BEE02-E0E8-4367-A75D-FF34CA977979}/snapshot.xml"/>



It is important to know that the package server agent is responsible for sending its download location back to the SMP server, which in turn is stored in the Symantec_CMDB database.  If no download locations are provided, then no source locations will be available for agents requiring the package.

If IIS is installed on the package server and no HTTP codebases are found in the package status NSE (as in the example above), verify that IIS has been configured properly.  See TECH46601 and 150861 for common FAQ on package servers.  One of the most common mistakes with IIS 7 is to forget to include ASP and IIS6 Management Compatibility options for the web server role.  Once IIS is configured properly, restart the Symantec Management Agent service.

NOTE: Packages configured to download to an alternate location on package servers by default will only have HTTP codebases available from the package server unless the \\%COMPUTERNAME%\UNC_Share_Name is used for the alternate location.  See 150861 section 2.6 - Packages stored in non-default locations.  The Package Server agent will not create a shared folder for a package stored in a custom location so the share must already exist.


Applies To

Notification Server 6.0 SP3
Symantec Management Platform 7.0
Symantec Management Platform 7.1