Application Error encounter when logging into SMG Control Center following policy or group change.


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Messaging Gateway


Following a policy or group change, when logging into the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) Control Center GUI, the error message "Application Error encountered" appears only on the Dashboard page.

Other pages can be accessed successfully by direct URL, but when trying to select a policy, or select a scanner in the deployment, the error “cannot retrieve the scanner configuration” is diaplayed and no changes can be made to policies or scanner configuration.

Feb 16 2013 10:58:00 [http-41443-Processor1] ERROR - Cannot retrieve the Scanner configuration.
  com.brightmail.common.xml.bind.BindException: null ; nested exception is:
  org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.
  at com.brightmail.common.xml.bind.XmlDocument.<init> (


The stored scanner configuration has exceed an internal 16 megabyte limit on the size of the file that can be passed to the xml parser. Any Control Center operation that attempts to parse or modify the stored scanner configuration will result in an "Application error" from the Control Center GUI.


To restore normal Control Center operation a configuration or policy backup taken prior to the most recent policy or group change must be restored to the Control Center in order to return the stored configuration to a size below the 16 MB limit.

If no configuration or policy backup is available, a full backup will also restore the working configuration but potentially at the loss of some spam quarantine and reporting data.

While there is no hard limit on the number of policies and groups that can be configured in SMG, more than a hundred policy groups will generate a configuration file approaching the SAX parser limit and care should be taken when configuring SMG with large numbers of policies and groups.

If the system is configured with a large number of groups or policies, a regular configuration or policy backup should be scheduled to ensure that if the 16MB configuration limit is exceeded, recovery is simple and loss free.