Configuring PGP Universal Server to remotely Backup on Windows Server 2003 through FTP


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Unlike the settings to be performed for the backup to be stored on Windows 7 ( ) we have to perform a few additional steps in windows Server 2003.



This article has detailed steps to configure FTP folder locally on Windows server 2003 to save the backup of Symantec Universal Server.


Note :

Create a shared folder before you install IIS(eg: C:\PGP) and give the user permissions accordingly for this folder. Give full permission to "Administrator" user to authenticate the backup. You can also install the role "File Server" and follow the wizard to create the backup folder.
To install IIS using the Configure Your Server Wizard 
1.From the Start menu, click Manage Your Server
2.Under Managing Your Server Roles, click Add or remove a role.
3.Read the preliminary steps in the Configure Your Server Wizard and click Next.
4.Under Server Role, click Application Server (IIS, ASP.NET) and then click Next.
Note : By default, the wizard installs and enables IIS, COM+, and DTC.
5.If you want to serve either of the optional technologies (FrontPage Server Extensions or ASP.NET), on the Application Server Options page, select the appropriate check boxes, and then click Next.
6.Read the summary and click Next.
7.Complete the wizard, and then click Finish.
To install IIS, add components, or remove components using Control Panel 
1.From the Start menu, click Control Panel.
2.Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
3.Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
4.In the Components list box, click Application Server.
5.Click Details.
6.Click Internet Information Services Manager.
7.Click Details to view the list of IIS optional components.

Note : For a detailed description of IIS optional components, see "Optional Components" in this topic.
8.Select FTP and click OK
9. Click Install
10.Click Next and complete the Windows Component Wizard.
To configure the backup location
1.Log in to the PGP Universal Server Administrative Interface.

2.On the System>System Backups screen, click Backup Location. The Backup Location dialog box appears.

3.Choose Save backups on this PGP Universal Server, or to have backups saved to a remote location, select Save backups to a remote location.

4.Select FTP,

5.Type the backup location hostname (IP Address of windows 2003)

6.Type the port number in the Port field. The default FTP port is 21. The default SCP port is 22.

7.Specify a Directory to which to save the backup.(if you have a folder named PGP created on C:\ then type in "\" without quotes . For windows its \ and for linux its /)

8. Type in the username and password of the user on the windows 2003 server that will be used to authenticate and initialize the user.

Applies To

Windows Server 2003

Symantec Encryption Universal Server 3.3.1