How to collect data from Workgroup machines using CCS 11.0


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How to collect data from Workgroup machines using CCS 11.0



Each machine in the Workgroup must have a Local Administrator Account which has the same username and password.

CCS Manager must be installed on at least one machine in each Workgroup

Create a folder for the Workgroup Asset

In the CCS console, go to Manage Assets > Create folder for Workgroup

Import Workgroup Asset

Manage Assets > Select the newly created folder

Click on Assets Tasks > Add Asset

Select Asset type as Windows and Select the OS

Enter Workgroup Name and Machine name (the remaining fields will auto-populate)

Create Asset Credentials

Settings > Credentials > Add Asset Credentials

Choose platform as Windows

Enter the user name and password for the common workgroup account

Click Next, then choose the Workgroup Folder created in Step 1

Register the Workgroup CCS manager with App server

In the CCS console go to Settings > Map View > Infrastructure Tasks > Register new CCS Manager

Select the CCS Manager installed on the workgroup machine. Click next

Create a new site for each Workgroup

Choose "Create a new site" at bottom right.

Name it as Workgroup Name

Choose "Data Collection Service" role, and any other if required

Choose Collectors as needed, (ex: "Windows data collector " )

Sync Configuration from Infrastructure Tasks button

Create Asset group for Workgroup machines

Go to Manage Assets and browse to the Workgroup Folder where the assets were added

Right Click on the folder and click "Create Asset Group" and select the radio button "Add Specific Assets" at the bottom of the first screen

Select the asset types present in the Workgroup and include all the assets from the workgroup folder

Create Routing Rule for Workgroup in CCS

Go to Settings > Map View > Routing Tasks > Routing Rules > Create

Enter a name, and select Type as "Asset Group"

Browse to the the Asset group created above and click next

Select the CCS Manager installed in the workgroup

Sync Configuration from Infrastructure Tasks button


Applies To

CCS 11.0, and machines in Workgroup environment