Using SymDiag to collect full agent and system logs for Broadcom support
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Using SymDiag to collect full agent and system logs for Broadcom support


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To troubleshoot an issue you are experiencing with a Broadcom security product, Broadcom support has requested full agent and system logs using the Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag).

SymDiag is a cross-product diagnostic program designed for troubleshooting and identifying issues that you may encounter.


To collect SymDiag logs for technical support:

  1. Download and run the SymDiag program.
  2. When you run SymDiag, it first verifies the program's version. If there is a newer version of SymDiag available, the program updates itself automatically. Click I accept the EULA to continue.
  3. On the Home screen, click Collect data for support. On the next page that is presented, select the product(s) for which you need to collect data, then click Next.
  4. Unless directed otherwise by the technical support engineer assigned to your case, choose All Data, then click Next.
  5. When SymDiag completes data collection, choose Save diagnostic file locally.
  6. Fill in your customer information, then save a local copy of the report to your computer by clicking Save.
  7. Log in to the Broadcom support site and open Case Management and click on your support case number.
  8. Click on Attachments, then on Upload/View Files. A new browser tab will be opened.
  9. Click files_from_customer, then click Upload and select the SymDiag file that you generated.
  10. Create a case with Broadcom Support.

Additional Information

If you encounter the following error message when attempting to run SymDiag, you may need to update the root certificates on the system. See Failed to launch Symantec Diagnostic Tool to download and install valid certificates to fix the issue.