We are in the process of upgrading CA Symdump Batch from r 9.1 to r 10. Is it possible to share the VSAM dump repository?


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We are in the process of upgrading CA Symdump batch from r 9.1 to r10. Is it possible to use the r 9.1 repository for r 10 or is creating a new one required? If we can use the same repository is it possible to use them at the same time? For instance we have 2 LPARS (1 production and 1 test) that access the same data sets. At this time production is running r 9.1  and test is running version r 10. Would the repository allow both versions to access it at the same time?





We don’t have any report problems sharing the R 9.1 VSAM print repository with release 10. The layout of the print repository has not changed between the two releases.Also we have no reported problems caused by users sharing print repositories between releases.

You may need to increase the size of the Print repository if you will be sharing it. You can migrate the reports to a larger repository using the CAOUPRTU utility COPY function.

It's common at some sites to share the same repository between LPARS. 

Here is some additional information on the ENQ’s done to allow sharing of the Print repository.

RESERVE and DEQ macros are used when updating the CAIPRINT repository to enable sharing of files between regions and systems.The resource major name used in the RESERVE and DEQ macros is CAOUPRTA. If your installation uses a service that converts RESERVEs into cross-system ENQs, define the major name CAOUPRTA to the service.