Oracle 11gR2 software package never completes installation running under agent credentials; completes successfully if domain account with admin rights is used


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Oracle 11gR2 software package never completes installation when running under the agent credentials.

If you set the Policy to use an admin account instead of the Agent account, then the Oracle native installer will launch, invisibly (no interaction) and the install proceeds as it should. However, the customer can not set software to install this way. There is no broad admin account that can be used.

On there Merlin systems, the software installs even though there is no admin account. It is installing under System context.

Attempting to run the install from a non-default location for package download does not work either.

From the Oracle error log:

ID: oracle.install.commons.util.exception.DefaultErrorAdvisor:60
oracle.install.commons.bean.BeanStoreException: [INS-07009] Unable to load bean

Caused by: oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLDOMException: invalid character { in name
at oracle.xml.util.XMLUtil.validateName(


Problem is caused by Oracle installer which crashes when one or more
environment variable names contains '{' or '}' symbols.
AeXNSAgent.exe and each of agent plugin dlls creates the environment variable
called AeX_{A4597EF2-B2F1-4954-A2FF-A65C393439AF}_<ProcessID> during startup.


Targeted for a fix in 7.1 SP2 MP1 v5.

The work-around is as follows:

Move the install command launch to the batch file with a cleanup of the environment before launch.

To cleanup the environment, the following line should be added to .bat/.cmd files
(probably, it also should be included into uninstall.bat):

FOR /f "tokens=1,2 delims===" %%G IN ('set AeX_{A4597EF2-B2F1-4954-A2FF-A65C393439AF}') DO set %%G=

After that, you can start installation:

start /wait setup.exe -silent -nowelcome -nowait -noconfig  -
responseFile "C:\WINNT\Installer\MWI\Oracle\11gR2-r2\Adminclient.rsp"

So, you just need to put the attached install.bat into the package (to the same folder with setup.exe), and change command line for silent install to install.bat

Applies To

SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1


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