Enabling the SNMP Notifications on Scan Engine 5.2.11 causes wrong traps


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Scan Engine


You enabled SNMP Notifications on Scan Engine (SSE) 5.2.11 and some warnings/errors are logged in the SSE log. You receive wrong SNMP traps for the these warnings/errors, i.e.: 

  • SSE log: "The Scan Engine queue is backing up due to a large number of requests"
  • SSE SNMP warning: systemRPCMaxRetryFailure
  • SSE log: "A license is about to expire"
  • SSE SNMP warning: systemRPCRetry 



The DDR feature was removed from SSE5.2.11 and the corresponding logging messages and SNMP traps were removed; this removal resulted in the unintentional discrepancy. This issue has been fixed for the logging feature (with hotfix 03) but SNMP was not fixed.


This issue is fixed with Scan Engine 5.2.13 or greater and Symantec Protection Engine 7.0.x.

Applies To

 Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.11 only. No other versions share the same issue.