Unable to query Oracle Server on Windows platform - RPC error in CCS 11.0


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When running a collection job for an Oracle predefined standard against an Oracle database hosted on Windows OS platform , an RPC error is returned and observed in the error messages , This is observed in CCS 11.0

The remote prodedure call failed and did not execute =0D=0A. Scope is Server '<SERVER NAME >'


The root cause has been traced to a core MS component dealing with RPC in CCS version 11.0


This issue has been addressed and a private fix is available for this issue, however the private fix is designed to use SCU 2012-3 as a prerequisite without QF 10101. Please contact Symantec technical support for more details.

Please note that this issue will be addressed in SCU 2013-1 and hence when the SCU is made available you would be required to install SCU 2013-1 to resolve this issue. Symantec recommends that you have the system up to date with the latest SCU.

It is also recommended that you check other parameters like firewall settings or Services on the target Windows Server machine that could possibly result in an RPC error before installing SCU.


Applies To

Oracle 9i , Oracle 10g , Oracle 11g

Windows 2008 R2

Windows 2003 Server

CCS version 11.0