SCSP server upgrade did not upgrade the database schema


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SCSP server upgrade did not upgrade the database schema, and only upgraded the SCSP server



If the existing installation was Tomcat only SCSP server installation, the upgrade will only upgrade the existing SCSP server alone and will not run the install-upgrade script to update the database. This is seen in cases where the SCSP server was installed as Tomcat only installation during migration to new hardware or disaster recovery.


Verify the registry to confirm if the current install was Tomcat only installation of SCSP server by looking for existence of the registry key:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Intrusion Security\Manager\TomcatONLYInstall

If it exist and the value is TRUE, then this is a Tomcat only installation.
Change the value to FALSE or delete this registry key. Then run installation of SCSP server again. This will then trigger the script to update the Database schema as well as the SCSP server.


Applies To

SCSP 5.2.x