Drill down to Executable Usage report timing out


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IT Management Suite


Drill down within the report Reports > Software > Application Metering > Executable Usage is not showing User and Application columns or it is timing out.


SQL code behind drill down report to "Executable usage" is not optimized.


A permanent fix has been provided in 7.1 SP2 MP1 V6. (See HOWTO81832)

There is a temporary workaround (attached here) to change SQL code in the drill down report. In order to edit the drill down report which is hidden you need to change Attributes value in Item table using following SQL queries (keep in mind to reset them back after editing):


update Item set Attributes='0' where Guid='3D1CA45E-6AB8-4EE8-9D16-3BD18F986088'


update Item set Attributes='0' where Guid='20ABAF41-4623-44BB-A58B-74E975ABCB75'

This query removes the hidden flag from the drill down report so it can be modified.

In the Symantec Management Console search for the 'Drill Down to Executable Usage' report from Console -> Search and click Edit.

This will allow you to paste SQL from attached file into the Drill down that is being edited. Paste the new SQL overwriting the old SQL and click on Save Changes.

If you receive an error such as "Not Authorized to Make Changes to this Report" (see error message attached) the report is cached and you will need to reset IIS before saving the changes to the report.

After saving and verifying that the new SQL is working, run the following query to hide the drill down to executable usage report:


update Item set Attributes='23' where Guid='3D1CA45E-6AB8-4EE8-9D16-3BD18F986088'


update Item set Attributes='23' where Guid='20ABAF41-4623-44BB-A58B-74E975ABCB75'

Applies To

ITMS 7.1 SP2 and 7.1 SP2 MP1 and later


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