LUA 2.3.x no Longer downloads new content as different symptoms when using Symantec's proxy server


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Sometimes it is found that LUA download the definition failure with different symptoms or error log even not any error log. But if check LUA default downloads folder, you could find that all files are with the old time stamp.IF SEPM liveupdates from this LUA,it will show that not newest definition available. Everytime it has different symptoms when clean the content or reinstall/redownload etc.  This issue only relates with LUA going through proxy server.

A.Some similar symptoms:
   1. Not any obvious error in LUA log,but SEPM could not liveupdate successfully from it.

   2.When LUA downloads definition manually,it shows that not newest definition available and the download process window does not appear.

   3.If download all content,sometimes it could show download process window ,but download 70%(or other percent),it will show fail warning message at last.

   4.Even if download successfully , but if check the downloads folder, it often is only about 100MB(if fresh install LUA and first download)

   5.If adjust some parameter to increase the LUA performance, issue still exists.

B.Error LUA application log:

  1. ERROR rcl.HttpHelper  - Fatal transport error in download: 404: could not find file to download - 

  2.ERROR rcl.SegmentedDownloader  - Exception while download of file1360622372jtun_sep12en130128017.m26
    org.apache.http.conn.ConnectionPoolTimeoutException: Timeout waiting for connection.


It should relate with old cache of the proxy server. If this cache is not cleaned in time and keep active,when LUA requests the update,will obtain the out of date package or miss some content. Simply to say, the Symantec proxy server was caching old files and providing them to the LUA server as if they were current.


There are two workarounds for this issue:

Workaround 1(This is the major workaround ):

  Clean the cache or temp download folder of proxy server.

  As Symantec proxy,changed the criteria upon which Symantec proxy judged files to be up-to-date or OK to expire. 

Workaround 2 (Optional workaround. The first change is always useful and maybe will work well after several days):

  Change any of the failover liveupdate servers as primary liveupdate server(assure the failover server is ready by test button)

   1.Go to configure->source servers, select the symantec liveupdate and edit;

   2.Select any failover liveupdate server,click "Primary" ;

   3.Click Ok button to save.

   4.Restart LUA tomcat service.

   After these changes, sometimes still download failure, check log and find timeout error, then resolve it by increasing the below values of timeout, retry and retry interval    in LUA configuration (Open the LUA console, click on Configure, then Preferences. Scroll down to Server Connections) to improve the chance of successful    connections.

 TIMEOUT: 120 seconds
 RETRY INTERVAL: 10 seconds.

If still could not resolve this issue by these two workarounds, please  connect symatec support engineer and request more help. 



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LUA or

Symantec proxy server.