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Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control how to add whitelist using Media Scanner


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What is the Media Scanner tool: It is a scanning mechanism which scans a unique fingerprint identifying the data from CD/DVD media and adds this information to an output xml file.

What Media Scanner tool collects:

1. Drive name
2. Volume name
3. Type: CD or DVD
4. Fingerprint
5. Size of the contents on the disk


Why Media Scanner is used: This tool is used to authorize CD/DVD media via white listing by scanning to collect the fingerprint. The output information can be used to whitelist.


How to use this tool:

1. Locate the Media Scanner executable. This file is named MediaScanner.exe and will be in the following location system drive:\Program Files\Symantec Endpoint Encryption\Device Control\Management Console\ManagementConsole\Tools\ on the Manager Computer.

2. Double-click or otherwise launch the MediaScanner.exe file. The Media Scanner window is displayed.

3. Click Browse to optionally change the default output file name or location. If you change the file name, ensure that the file extension remains XML.

4. By default, the Media Scanner is set to append scanned media information to the existing scanned media file. This will allow you to scan media one after the other and from a long list. If you wish to add media to a new file, deselect the Append to existing file check box.

5. Insert the required media into the CD/DVD drives and click Run. The scanning process begins.

6. The scanning process scans all media inserted into the CD/DVD drives at the time of the scan. This means if you have more than one medium inserted in various drives, you can scan them simultaneously in a single session.

7. After the file has been scanned, the Scan Progress section displays the total of scanned media and the total number of media added to the Scanned Media file, as is shown in the following image.


How to add Media group (White list) to a SEE Device Control Policy:

1. Open the desired Policy and select Storage Control from the Security menu on the left.

2. Select the White List Tab.

3. In the Approved Distinct Device/Media area click on New and select "Media Group".

4. Enter the desired group Name (required) and Description (optional).

5. Click Add Media to add media to the group. Alternatively, right-click the blank area under Group Members and select Add Media.

6. When you are done, click OK.

Note: You may also add media to this group at a later time. Once you have added media to the group, they appear in the Edit Media Group window.