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Privileges required to import an SQL Server Asset in Control Compliance Suite v11.0


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Control Compliance Suite Databases MS SQL SRVR


SQL Server asset import fails if user credentials does not have local administrator right on the target SQL Server.

The operation completed successfully ( error encountered after completion of a SQL asset import  job , and the data collector doesn’t return any assets to the CCS ).


Lack of local administrator privilege to the Windows user credential of target SQL Server as defined in the credential database of the CCS 11.0 .



  1. In order to import a SQL Server asset into CCS v11.0 , the Windows user credential used to connect to the target SQL Server should have the local administrator rights on the SQL Server machine . Otherwise , the SQL Server asset does not get imported  .

Note : The above mentioned requirement is only if using ‘Agentless’ method to configure the target SQL Server in the CCS v11.0 system .  

  1. Please refer to page 18 topic : ‘Privileges to import an SQL Server Asset’ in the attached document named : ‘CCS_Data_Collection_Privileges.pdf’  for detailed information.

Applies To

Control Compliance Suite 11.x ; target SQL Server : MS SQL Server 2005 / 2008


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