Bootguard displays in an undesired language


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Normally the Bootguard takes the system locale to set the display language for the authentication screen. In specific cases this may not give the desired results.


Wrong language is displayed at the Bootguard authentication screen.



The product is taking the display language from the operating system locale, configured in "Start" -> "Settings" -> "Control Panel" -> "Regional and Language Settings" -> "Regional Options".

In case you are using the German layout, the Bootguard will display the screen in German.

Any language not supported by Bootguard will default to English language.



If you wish to change the language manually, you may do the following:
Navigate in the commandline to the PGP Desktop program directory and execute the following command (to set the language to French for example):

pgpwde.exe --set-boot-language --display-language fr --disk 0

Other languages are:

de - German
en - English
es - Spanish
fr - French
jp - Japanese

Applies To

PGP Desktop, Symantec Encryption Desktop