Software does not execute when a sub folder(s) exist beneath the cache folder.


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Software Management Solution


A managed software delivery has been created to deliver software. The software successfully downloads to the client successfully but fails on the install step.

Upon further investigation you discover, on the client, that there is a sub folder(s) that exist under the 'cache' folder.

Check the client's 'software delivery' folder at 'c:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\agents\software management\software delivery'. Find the 'guid' that pertains to your delivery and open it.


By default, Altiris will execute software deliveries from the 'cache' folder. If another folder exists beneath this folder, that contains the EXE or MSI, then that folder must be contained in the software resource's command line.


For example if you're delivering Microsoft Office 2010 the install fails and you discover, on the client, that under the 'cache' folder another folder called 'Office2010' where 'setup.exe' exists. Then you must amend the software resource's command line like this: