How Much I Can Configure Help View of A Role?


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Service Desk administrators would need to configure the Help View for the roles so proper contents of online help are available to the role users.

In practice, however, sometimes it is confused how much the administrators can configure. For example, no matter what content set is set, the online

help home page is always present. This tech doc explains how much the contents can be configured.

How Much I Can Configure Help View of A Role?


Windows, Unix/Linux, Service Desk Manager 12.9, 14.1, 17.0


The online help view content set is hierarchical. This means, any help sub-set will automatically includes the dependent containers. For example,

if you choose "Edit from the Request List", then its dependent containers, "Edit a Request" and "Requests", will be included as well. For this reason,

the home page is always included.

The online help has this"

Administration > Security and Role Management > Role Management > Help Sets > Create a Help Set > Define Help Set Contents Define Help Set Contents You can choose the topics that appear in the Table of Contents of a help set.

Important! Some topics are required, and are included in your new help set regardless of whether you select them. For example, the home page and other front matter topics are always included. Also, nested topics are dependent on their container topics. Container topics are included automatically if you include any of their nested topics. For example, if you select the "Use the Scoreboard" topic, the container topic "Navigate CA SDM" is included when you publish the help set.